This is me! My name is Kaspars Zalitis, I am a passionate human rights activists (some will call me a human rights defender) meanwhile I work in advertising and strategic communication which excites me too.

I love to travel and sometimes I like to discover new and unusual things. I do a lot of speaking engagements and trainings which helps to meet new people all the time. I love sports though I got super lazy over the past year and I know I need to be more active. Design and fashion for sure is my passion especially some local special pieces.

So this is all what I am going to blog about – Travel, Wellbeing, Lifestyle and OutOfTheBox. In the upper side you will find all of my social media and even Spotify list. Let me know what do you think.

Follow me, drop me a line what do you think. Slowly by slowly I will update all information about me. But this is just a nice start!

Down there you will also find some information what do others think of me.

P.S. I chose Imagine Nordic as I am from North of Europe, the country near Baltic sea with loads of forest and funny people.

For bookings and enquiries drop me an e-mail – kaspars.zalitis@gmail.com



“I’ve heard about Kaspars long before I heard him talking on stage.
And it was worth the listening.
Kaspars is inspiring and passionate about the things he speaks and does.
Also, some of the projects he executed demanded courage.
Kaspars ir unique blend of playfulness, courage and grace.”

Juris Šleiers | Senior Partner