Keep on trying

Every single day I am trying to be or to do something.

While writing this blog I am sitting outside in a warm September evening in Zurich and wondering about trying. At the moment I am trying to focus myself to create.

Me and most likely also you, every day we are trying something – start eating healthy, start using our gym membership, quit smoking, drink moderately or just be a better person.

This wont be just another how-to article on how you have to change yourself. Quite opposite just few lines what I think is worth trying.

Same as you, I am wondering on how to change myself. And I am doing it every day. Constantly. Sometimes even several times a day. Reading articles, magazines, books, talking to people and daydreaming.

Same time, often I hear from people around me, why do you try, just make up the decision and do it. But same as every human being it is rare that we can just close one book and immediately open a new one. We try but not always we succeed. Though I am always responding to quotes like that quite easy “I am trying and that’s already a step forward and I love to try”.

I like to try a lot of things, I am still trying to be a better person, better son, better partner, I try to live healthy (in my own healthy way), do more sports, finish my deadlines (of course instead of finishing just yet another paper I chose to write this entry) etc.

I think it is a nice to try. It is nice also to fail and then try again and I am sure one day you will succeed or maybe not! But you’ve tried!

To all of the people who are critics of trying but always saying DO IT! Let me say, we would never survive if we would not try things. It is just a small steps we should do, just to try, maybe we fail but then we just have to try again or try differently.

To all of you trying, keep on doing it. The best experience comes from trying, you might loose something but you will gain more than those who never try and want their lives to be safe or who love to live in their imaginary box.

And now, I will try to finish few things in my to-do list. Not sure if I am lucky with that but let’s just try.

Happy trying! and failing! and trying again!