Nordic Pearl – Malvine

malvineThe story of today is about one of my favourite designers Malvīne, you can find more about her in or in social media I will list below.

I would consider Malvine as the Nordic Pearl. She is creating incredibly beautiful concept accessories and recently also clothing. Last year Malvine asked me to become part or her new collection but I was overly busy with organising some large event I will tell you later about, so I could not really be part of it. Now I am very sad about it but who knows maybe we’ll do something crazy together in the near future.

kaijaMalvīne inspires me in all possible ways, first she as a person is someone with an open and clear mind with true love towards humanity. Second, Malvīne is a true artist, I’ve never saw anything so eye-catching and inspiring in accessories as from her collections. It is amazing how she in few collections can express all emotions towards humanity, towards nature and help people to express their inner feelings in all possible ways.

unisexOne of the most recent collections by Malvīne is Feminism is Unisex. Truly fascinating concept. I think every human rights believer, if you can afford, should have one sweater, t-shirt, mug or bag etc. Look at the Malvīne’s website and choose one for yourself or your friends. There are plenty of items to choose from, and if you find only few of them online, just drop her a line and ask to send some photos of the products she is selling.

Malvīne is a friend of mine and she is a brave artist with awesome mind. This is something that I love when you have the combination of art and love towards human rights, nature and humanity in general, last but not least it is one of the best accesories and clothing where you can express yourself. You will always know that the accessories will be one of the kind and you will be wearing one of the best products Made in Latvia, Made in Baltics, Made in Northern Europe.

Yes, I am wearing #FeminismIsUnisex sweater today (grey one), it looks and feels supercool and because I believe that Feminism is Unisex.

You don’t need to be women to support women’s rights same as you don’t have to be black to think that Back live matter and you don’t need to be gay to support LGBTI rights.

You can fine Malvīne at, etsy store, at her Faceboof page and on Instagram.


Have a fabulous day!