One night in Manhattan

Few weeks ago I got a message from friend of mine who was asking me about some suggestions what to do in New York City, funny at that moment I remembered when I was dreaming to get to NYC and now I am asked to give some tips. Funny feeling!

I have to confess! I’ve been travelling a lot and I’ve been lucky to see many things, meet new people and enjoy what I do. As I promised I will give some insights into my travels and adventures. So here it is!

About New York I will write more as it is such a melting pot of experiences, people and happenings. This post will be about only few places which I love the most and I recommend it to everyone who just wants to get out there for one or two nights.

Cambells Apartment (c)

First, treat yourself with a nice apero at the Cambells Apartment located in the Grand Central. For a long time it was one of the New Yorks best kept secrets and bar with quite strict dress code. Also some of my friends are telling that Cambells Apartment is serving the best Martini in NYC (I would completly agree to that).

It is located in the southwestern corner of the Grand Central Terminal building. Above the corner of 42nd Street and Vanderbilt Avenue and can be reached by a staircase from the Balcony Level. Note that there might be dress code – at least smart casual and proposer shoes.

Freemans (c) brooklynfoodfashionista

Freemans – one of the most amazing restaurants I’ve ever been. It is hidden from street and looks weird at first but once you enter and open the curtain you face an amazing and sweet hospitality. Space does not look super big as it consists of several small cozy rooms. At first being so close to each other for me as a Nordic might not give the best feeling but actually it was one of the first times when I really enjoyed that. This is nice place both for the meat eater and vegetarian. Just to say, this place is awesome.

You can find Freemans at End of Freeman Alley, off Rivington Street between the Bowery and Chrystie Street, Lower East Side

Ms. Peppermint
Ms. Peppermint

After you’ve enjoyed nice apero and then dinner, go and have some fun in Therapy. No, you wont need medical assistance after Cambells Apartment and Freemans. LOL!

Therapy is one of my favourite gay bars in NYC. Don’t miss the amazing Bipolar Tuesdays where my good friend and gorgeous drag queen Ms. Peppermint performs. Peppermint is one of the sweetest drag queens I know. She can be as hot as a touch of chilli pepper and fresh as a mint.  Don’t miss it!

Go to Therapy at 348 W 52nd Street

Citizen M
Citizen M

When your wild night ended go and relax at Citizen M. I love this chain. Boutique hotel with super friendly staff, warm design and at every corner you will be surprised by some fun quotes or design elements. Citizen doesn’t really have proper reception, there is self check-in and self check-out. Citizen is one of the kind. Humour, great design, excellent service, good drinks, tasty breakfast – all in one.

You can become Citizen at 218 W 50th Street


Enjoy my New York and let me know what you think!



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