Why travel alone?

Each and one of us has something unique, something weird and something special.

One of my weird things is that I love to travel alone, I know many people would think that is one odd thing to do as together, with friends, family or partners, we can explore more and share our emotions. Right?

Even people would consider me an extrovert I am the person who loves to travel alone and be with myself when it comes to exploration of new cities, new places and from my perspective, I would say it is one of the most exciting things to do.

Here is why at least from me.

  1. I can explore at my own pace

In each city or country, there might be places on your bucket list what you want to see. Sometimes when I travel, I make up my list what I want to see and visit, sometimes I am travelling blindly wherever my feet will take me, I’ll go there. Nothing is too fast, too slow, too boring etc.

  1. I live at my own pace

There are no set times by others, sometimes I am up early, especially when jet-lagged, and sometimes I want to sleep in. I remember when I had 6h walk in NYC, the first time I went there in 2008, the next day I barely walked so I was sleeping till I don’t care o’clock and later one I was just chilling at the Central Park. There is nothing else than just you’re I-o’clock and that’s about it.

  1. Food

Food is a very challenging issue when I travel with someone. The thing is, most of the time we sound very easy but actually when it comes to food preferences we are all quite picky. I know people that say that they are “I eat it all” but suddenly I hate olives, eggplant (I think olives and eggplant is something beyond disgusting) or allergic to who knows what.

  1. Culture and Party life

One more excellent point is that you have your own plan if you want to go and see a particular show, museum or go and enjoy the nightlife. Maybe some people would think you are mental that you are sitting alone in the cinema, theatre or opera but actually who cares as you are not (most of the time) going to enjoy culture to please someone else but to enjoy your cultural taste buds.

  1. Enjoy the bonuses

Often when you travel alone you can get lucky – to get some upgrades (flight upgrades – the best), tickets to sold out shows, skip long lines and many other bonuses that come with travelling alone. Sometimes a group of two is already too big. Selfish I know, but meanwhile, when you get it, you will enjoy it.

I love being in people and communication is not just my work, but I genuinely enjoy it, but my Nordic side sometimes is requesting some “me time”, sometimes “me time” can be an hour (when travelling I just escape) or I can be alone for two weeks without even missing anything.

So, if you think travelling alone is something strange, just give it a try, and you will be surprised, don’t be afraid. I don’t say you have to plan a sailing trip around a world and be alone for who knows how long, but just have to try and do a small city break, explore before if you want to make a plan, if not just go with a flow.

If some of my friends or collogues read this, it does not necessarily mean that I hate travelling with you, but when I also travel or escape for some time, some of the reasons above might apply 😛