Zurich – The Begining

Today I was reading an article about European cities that people should visit apart from Paris and London, I had a thought to write a little chapter about one of my favourite cities in the world which was not included in that list but should.

Picture (c) Visit Zurich
Picture (c) Visit Zurich

It is Zurich (the largest city in Switzerland though not the Capital). Our love didn’t start from the first sight. It took a while and now we somehow bonded. Obviously there is one very personal reason – love of my life lives there. That’s probably another reason why we are so bonded. And that’s probably another reason why I constantly explore new sights in this – almost a Metropolis.

Before I start this, I have to say that this will surly won’t be the only post about this as there are so many things to tell about Zurich. There will be more – some cool restaurants, sights and events. But that will come later on.

Let’s start! YES, Zurich is expensive and I mean very expensive, sometimes even expensive for Norwegians, but it gives back every cent in emotions and pleasure.

No matter what Global surveys are saying, I consider Zurich as the best city to live in. I mean in the whole World.

Swiss – the airline. Even it is owned by Lufthansa it provides premium experience also in economy. Once landing you will be offered Swiss chocolate which tastes like heaven.

Picture (c) Bicycle Bob

Public transport is so perfect and on time like a Swiss watch. Swiss even start to panic if it is late one minute. Same goes to trains and boats. Yes, even boats and some trains are considered as a public transport in Zurich and it is accessible with one ticket. Take the day ticket if you take a public transport more than 2 times a day, it will be way cheaper.

Zurich is surrounded by water – amazing lake and rivers. Rivers and lake is so clear and clean as you can see through and YES you can swim in there (in the middle city) if the weather is good and water is warm (most of the time in summer). It is amazing!

There is also no need to visit tourist restaurants in old town though old town is very beautiful. Better search for smaller ones outside city centre. As I said public transport will take you anywhere. Take into mind that Zurich people like to book their tables way in advance. Find it! Call them and be like Swiss, book your table in advance! You can find anything you want breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and late night snack.

Picture (c) Imagine Nordic

Zurich is also underestimated when it comes to art. Recently Zurich hosted European Contemporary Art Biennial MANIFESTA. It was exciting to see all the inspirations though one exhibit I will never forget and it was shit. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t shit as exhibit but exhibit was Zurich Load which consisted of 80 000 kg of shit. Even it was dried, smell I will remember for some time. It was literally the biggest pile of shit I ever had. There were plenty of events and exhibitions – Butterfly church, Performance of dancing firefighter cars. That’s just to mention few of many things under one umbrella slogan “What people do for money!”

Picture (c) Qtea

Last but not least. Zurich design is something people also underestimate. FRITAG bags – not cheap, but made from recycled truck tarpaulins and used car seatbelts. Looks stunning. I don’t have one but it is one my Swiss shopping list. Though I have another Swiss made bag from QWSTION. I love it!

qwistionIf you don’t want to invest in bags but want to bring something nice and Swiss buy a simple vegetable peeler. Do I sound silly? Well maybe, but it is first of all peelers in the world and the design almost haven’t been changed from 1947. zena-publicityHow about that? Not too expensive but something Swiss and something you will use every day and something cool.

Thank you! Let me know what you think!

See you next time!